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Monday, February 15, 2010

Preggo Update

I thought I would share a little of a preggo update...

This week I will have rounded the corner and be heading into my 3rd trimester. When everyone says that the 2nd one is the best... they don't lie! I felt great, clothes fit great, and slept great in the 2nd trimester.... but then- WHAM- I can no longer look down when standing and see my lil' piggies, I waddle, if something falls on the floor, forget about it! and my little passenger actually has begun to painfully partake in a dance party every night. The aches and pains have begun to add up... plus the reality of the size of my belly has taken somewhat of a toll on my pride! Hahaha... just today I turned sideways to allow Brandon to get past me, and realized that my body is no longer tinier when I do that... my torpedo belly was like a road block for him. I have been suffering through something called SPD (not to be confused with STD)... which is a pelvic pain disorder... seems my body is eager to prepare for labor and delivery, so I daily am watching my activity so that I don't end up on bed rest (that would be awful for me). The nurse has informed me that there is a "belt" I can wear... um, yea, that sounds like fun!

But on the upside... we giggle a lot as Shiloh rolls around inside, just yesterday I swear she was bottom-up, trying to moon us through my tummy or something! I have my own built in food tray when I sit down to eat! Thats fun! And I get first rights to the body pillow now! All in all, I am still enjoying this season of life. Its the tiny little annoyances and hardships that I've learned to just take one at a time, and laugh them off. I mean, I get something beautiful out of it all! Its so bizarre to know that there is a little person living inside me!!! And I am humbled that God would see me fit to house her!

She's got 3 more months of bake time... and we've got 3 more months to prepare for her! I am super excited to welcome her to life outside the belly! Keep us in your prayers as we don't have much we need for her, but the things we do need, we are looking to God to provide for us.

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Blogger Karla said...

That was beautiful and could not have been expressed any better. I completely agree and feel so so unbelievably blessed and excited. Recently I've began to ask for the knowledge and wisdom to be a great mother to this little person. Another human being that will ask me all sorts of questions about the world around him and mold him to become a great man someday.
I'd love to visit you and catch up and laugh as we used to. May God bless your family. You are an amazing women.

February 18, 2010 at 9:52 AM  

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