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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Serving one another... (by Brandon)

On Monday we had a very intimate time of worship. While we listened to worship music in the background, we read in scripture the passage about Jesus washing the disciples' feet. While Jesus is washing his disciples feet, he then instructs them to do the same. It's funny how we as a church body pick and choose which of Jesus' instructions we will do. During the last supper after the disciples take communion, Jesus instructs them to continue doing this to remember him. And, traditionally, we do communion once a month in church. So why don't we wash one another's feet?

So, during worship we set up washing basins so the students and staff could wash one another's feet and pray for one another. It was a very powerful time and quite a humbling experience, both washing and getting your feet washed. It is amazing the connection you feel when you wash someone's feet and serve them. It was really a good time and a good reminder that our role is to serve one another.

Logan washing my feet, and then praying over me.

Lisa washing Hoover's

Cat washing Lisa's

Justin washing Andrew's feet

And praying for Andrew

Washing Cat's feet

Serving and blessing Cat

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Blogger willinpismo said...

i'm proud of you guys, i'm glad we get to do this with you. I look forward to the next couple years ;)

March 31, 2009 at 9:37 PM  

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