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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mexico Outreach Mamacita

     Last Saturday our entire base (minus 2 staff) and the whole DTS caravanned down to Baja Mexico.  See every other year YWAM Pismo prays about where God would want us to go together and do an outreach. This year: Mexico.  So Brandon and I packed up and drove down to YWAM San Diego/Baja's Ensenada base to participate in our base outreach.  We were 10 staff and 8 students.  It was my first time to Ensenada, Brandon's second.  
Shiloh working real hard in Mexico.

     From my perspective, this outreach was the first for me as a mom... and I had no idea how it would look to have a baby with me.  First thing I noticed was a lifting of the desire to be everywhere, do everything, and reach everyone.  Which I didn't like.  I thought I would be kicking and screaming to go talk to the homeless on the red-light district, or begging to preach to the women at the rehab center.  But actually in almost every situation, I realized I would rather stay with Shiloh and take care of her, so that Brandon could go out and participate.  I am being re-defined in every way, and this was my first glimpse of how that re-defining would effect the times we'd be on an outreach.  It was actually my privilege to stay with Shiloh.  If I felt any sadness at all it was that I was missing out on seeing the students evangelize or minister to the people of Ensenada.  So my role may be to stay back, but I can contribute in other ways such as interceding in prayer!

     I am looking forward to Nicaragua.  Two entire months should allow me some new opportunities to be a mommy and reach the nations.  

Psalm 127:3 My children are a reward and gift from the Lord, and I will enjoy them.

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