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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photo Fun

     We treated ourselves to a complete lazy Sunday... slept in, made blueberry crepes, stayed in our pj's, lounged, watched TWO movies, and munched on cheese. So when I saw how beautiful and sunny it was in the late afternoon, I decided, 'why not take Shiloh to the park for a photo shoot?'  So Brandon and I tossed on some non-pj clothes, and then put the little lady in a super adorable dress (thank you Bill & Cindy), and walked down to the little park near our home.  I think she was very happy to finally get outside... as was I... the fresh breeze felt sooo good!  Anyways, she was singing, sputtering, and coo-ing the whole time- such personality!

She.  Is.  So.  Yummy.

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