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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cheerio Fun

My little lady is cutting her 2 front upper teeth... yuck... she has been a fussy, sick mess for the last 4 days.  I can't imagine how painful those teeth must feel on her young gums.  And I think I have a bad day if I someone cuts me off in traffic.  Thank you Shiloh for a little reality check.  My sunshine took a break from her crying (thank you Tylenol) for some Cheerio fun:

Look at those eyes... its going to get really hard to say no to her!

Smiles!  You'll have to excuse the 'over-the-top' grins... she is still perfecting that money smile, so for now, we get a scrunchy, snarly, but oh-so-cute smile.

"Mmmm, Cheerios!"  She LOVES them, plus she is entertained for 30+ minutes... thats worth gold in Mommy-time right now!

"Hey Mom!  What ya got there?"

"Cheerios make me smile..." (yes, that IS her smile!)

"Please Mom, can you stop being so 'snap happy'?"

Oh sweet life, to be so entertained by such a simple thing as a Cheerio!  I'm glad they brought some smiles and giggles to an otherwise difficult day.  Hahaha, love my little toothy baby... just wish those teeth wouldn't hurt so much!

So if today has you down, grab some Cheerios and just remember... you could be teething!  :)

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