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Monday, November 15, 2010

How it was intended to be...

As I sit here in Nicaragua, reflecting on a day spent in a small community of 15 homes, I have to wonder if God intended us to live like they live.  15 homes, 1 family.  A man named Segundo had 8 children, and they have all grown up, married, had children themselves, and moved out around him.  Some even brought their new in-law families to live nearby.  15 homes.  1 family.  All the little boys played baseball while we spent a day with them.  The little girls held hands and played together.  Families raising families together, helping one another.   Sharing life together.  It was beautiful.  They didn't have much.  They slept in one or two family beds in each home.  They had dirt floors.  They shared a handful of out-house bathrooms.  They showered at one single community well.  They had chickens, pigs, and dogs running around everywhere.  But they were happy.  Joyful.  Loved.

It.  Was.  Beautiful.

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