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Sunday, September 19, 2010

DIY Baby Flower Headbands

     After teaching on the DTS, I was given an Amazon gift card.  And like any new mom, I shopped for new shoes for me, and hair accessories for my daughter.  But when I saw that it would cost me $10 + shipping for one hair piece, I quickly rushed to the store to buy $5 of supplies to make several of my own.

     First off, you'll want to go to your local craft store, and find a silk flower that you like.  The rose was only $1.99, and the other one was $1.00.  Next, disassembly the flower bloom portion, taking each layer of petals apart.  Then I reassembled them, using a hot glue gun.  I couldn't find my girlie pink glue gun... so I stole my husbands surfboard-repair one, as long as it heats, I'm not picky!

     With the flowers looking perfectly perfect, I then took an alligator clip (you can find them at the craft store also for under $3.00) and covered it with 3/8" grosgrain ribbon.  You'll want to line the ribbon with hot glue, and first attach it to the inside of the top of your clip.  Then add more glue, and fold the ribbon over the top, gluing it to the outside top portion of the clip.  Keep your ribbon moving around the clip, gluing it to the pinch part, then around the bottom of the clip, and I finish by wrapping it back inside, and gluing it completely.  The clip should be covered.  Its not crucial that it looks perfectly polished, just covered.  

     I chose to do the first clip covered in white ribbon, but for the second flower, I wanted to use a bright pink. 

     The next step is attaching your beautiful flower to the clip.  Just place a line of hot glue on the top of the clip, and then press your blossom firmly onto it.  Voile!  Now you have a beautiful flower hair clip!

     It can be worn alone, or clipped to a headband.  I happen to love the headband look, and had a few simple crocheted ones, so I clipped each flower to it.

     Next, a fashion show and photo shoot is in order!  Shiloh was kind enough to model her new accessories... and the stem from the original flower made a great toy...

Happy flower making!  I promise its super easy.... and looks totally adorable!  Tomorrow:   ....a fabric hair piece.

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