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Monday, September 20, 2010

DIY Vintage Fabric Flower

     Like I said yesterday... this is the fabric hair piece.  I was inspired by my friend Alisa to make some throwback 1940's accessories.  She hand crafts beautiful hair pieces with a complete vintage look.   But I wanted to make some for the little lady in my life.  Because I lack fashion-adventure, but love the idea of trying my ideas out on my 4 month old!  So here's what I came up with:  I started by finding a feminine fabric from the local craft store.  I kept being drawn to some cute pop-shop colored fabrics, so I had to keep telling myself "think YOUR grandmother".  I found this simple rose pattern from the 'fat corners' scrap section. Figured it would be a good one to try out.  
     I used one of our wine glasses to trace 6 circles with a pencil, then cut them out.  My wine glass was 2 1/2" in diameter... you could probably go anywhere from 2 to 3 inches though.  Just look around your kitchen!

     Then I folded each circle in half, then in half again, to make what I called a 'fortune cookie'.  Then you'll want to begin arranging each fortune cookie: folded edge inside the open part of the one before.  Pin them as you go to keep them in place. I'll admit, it took me several attempts to get them somewhat equal, stick with it and don't give up!

     Then I used a tiny scrap of ribbon to sew on the backside, attaching the ribbon to all the inner points of my cookies, and in doing so, sewing them into place.  I'm most definitely NOT a seamstress, but thankfully you won't have to see the mess I make on the final product!  You could use anything to do this, it doesn't have to be ribbon, be creative!  Since ribbon frays, I always use a clear top-coat of nail polish to seal the edges.

     Then I found these button covers... DISCLAIMER: THEY ARE VERY FUN AND ADDICTING!  I only wish I could have found them in a pack of 50!

     I followed the instructions to make my own fabric covered button.  I think next time I might get creative and use different fabrics.

     Then sew the button onto the front of your cookie flower.

     Then, I covered an alligator clip... I decided to try not completely covering this one... thinking it might stay better in Shiloh's hair, and not slip as easy.  Then I hot glued the clip to the back of the piece.

     And presto!  A completely fun and sweet fabric hair piece, super vintage looking!  I absolutely LOVE it, so much so that I can't wait to make others, using different prints, and mixing up the style a bit!  And I think I just might end up wearing it more than Shiloh!

Have fun!

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