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Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday was our weekly all base evangelism day. It was a very good time for us as I think we made a major step up in our evangelism. We met in our office at about 3 o'clock and talked a little about what we wanted to see happen over the next season of our base. It was really good as we all did heart checks and we prayed for about 30 minutes just seeking God and trying to get his heart for the lost. 

We went out very boldly! Fellow staffer Morgan and myself went out together, and we walked around asking people if we could just steal some of their time to talk to them about God. Immediately the first person told Morgan plainly "nope". Then we continued to walk, and I asked a man the same question and even before I could finish he said "I don't want to hear it" very sternly. But after that, we were finally able to get into a few good conversations with people. Morgan had a pretty good talk and was able to share his testimony with some visitors from Switzerland. It was a good day!

I think it was an especially good day because we were all very excited to go out. We all had a lot of joy in our hearts and that gave us boldness to be out there. We all came to the conclusion that we really didn't care what people thought or if they rejected us, we just wanted share the gospel with whoever we could get to listen. :)  

I have learned a lot about evangelism over the past few years. I am no master, but I have come to a few conclusions. 

1. You will always be rejected by people. It happened 2,000 years ago, and it happens today. 
2. You have to be more concerned about what God thinks, and cannot care what man thinks.
3. You can never listen to the voice that says: "maybe next time".
4. You actually have to believe that THIS IS GOOD NEWS!!!

We do evangelism every Thursday as a base. If you are in the area, please join us! We meet up in our office at 3 o'clock. 

- Brandon


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