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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What has 8 wheels, carries a baby, and fits on an airplane?

A Stroller!

I wanted to thank a good friend for an amazing gift.

Every time I write on our blog I pretend that people are actually going to read it.  I pretend because in reality, I know that hardly anyone does.  I'm not that interesting of a person and not a very good writer, in fact I probably break every rule in the english language when I write.  But I know some close friends do read, so thank you!

Over a month ago I wrote this post.  And at the end I mentioned our needs, one being a travel stroller for Shiloh.  A friend who I went to high school with and since became my facebook friend, wrote me to offering to buy our family a stroller so that Shiloh could travel comfortably.  Her name is Reagan.  We go way back.  :)  We played soccer together in school and also on a few club teams.  We had many classes together, and were "Unicorn handlers" together.  Yes, I said Unicorn.  Ah, the good ol' days.

She is now married, to a fella named Everett, and they have an adorable little man, Logan, who is just a little older than Shiloh.  Isn't he super handsome!???!

Their gift to us, arrived in a beautiful cardboard box.

And we immeadiately took it for an inagural spin.  Shiloh approved...

The stroller proved to be PERFECT for our trips.  We used it at the airport, all the way to the gate.  We used it in between flights, for those looooong layovers in foreign airports.  Shiloh napped in it.

We took it on 45 minute walks in Israel, and day outings.  It was amazing.

One of the days in Jerusalem we thought the roads could be too bumpy for a stroller, so we carried Shiloh.  Mistake.  We regretted not having the stroller.  The next day we took it.... and even if some parts were "rougher" than others, the stroller held up just great!

Again, it was perfect for squeezing in that much-needed nap in between flights.

And it was great for our time in Asia where the streets are less-than-sanitary.... kept our little princess' shoes clean and her from getting any more germs than she needed.

Also, anyone with a toddler knows how hard it is to keep up with them.  But with Shiloh buckled safely in the stroller, I could enjoy a quiet, and more importantly, STILL baby.

We even took it up the Great Wall!  Better than lugging a 20lb baby uphill!

So a HUGE THANKS to my dear friend, Reagan, and her wonderful family!  That stroller got used EVERY DAY and it was such a blessing to us.  I guess this blog does get read after all!  :)  I really do have to brag though, Brandon and I do have the greatest friends ever.  Seriously!  Aren't they a good looking family!?!

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