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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


People talk casually about death and heaven, as in when someone dies, that is where they go.
Jesus tells us that His kingdom is in heaven, and He is the King.
And Jesus conquered death.
Neither of which are casual things.
They are serious things.
We can only conquer death with the conquer Himself.
And we can only live in the Kingdom if we are under the King's lordship.
What Jesus did was in no way casual.
It was intentional.
It was powerful.
It was sacrificial.
I do not want to take anything about that casually.
I want to be intentional about my relationship with Jesus.
I want to acknowledge his power.
I want to feel the grace and mercy of His sacrifice.
Then I may know with a serious certainty what will happen when I die.
The hope we have is not a casual hope.
Hope is strong.
It is a gift.
And it was bought with a cost.
It is serious.

I always humbly hope that when someone dies, they knew of this, and understood the seriousness.
And the seriousness of it is the very reason why people need to hear.
They need to hear about death.
About the conquerer.
About the King.
About hope.



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