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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Superlatives

Sometimes the best way to ring in a new year is to reflect on the past.  Our 2011 was incredible.  We have grown so much, as parents, as a married couple, as disciples, and well, we couldn't help but look back over our blog post for the year.  YWAM has brought us many adventures, and life in general has also.  Remember your high school yearbook... superlatives.  Well, here are ours for 2011.

Best Attempt at A Smile:   From Shiloh's Cheerio Fun, here.

Most Changed:  Shiloh turning 1 year!  Here.

Most Honest:  The Not-So Sane Moments of Traveling, here.

Favorite Nicaragua Moment:  Re-visiting Priscilla and her family, here

Most Worthy of Remembrance:  Veteran's Day, here.

Most Difficult:  Shiloh getting croup, here.

Favorite Face:  Shiloh's famous O-face, here.

Most Difficult Goodbye:  Our friend, Tyler, here.

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