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Monday, November 21, 2011


This weekend Shiloh got croup.  Doesn't that word just sound awful!

She was having some really bad coughing fits on Saturday night, struggling to catch a breathe, so we quickly packed her up and took her to the ER.

2 hours later... Diagnoses:  croup.  Prescription:  cold wet air.

That night she coughed herself awake, crying, and struggling to breathe about 10 times.  It was horrible.  Both Brandon and I were distraught with worry.  Especially since all we could do was take her outside to breathe in the cold night air, or stand by the open window and let the cool air do its work.

Croup, ugh, talk about making me realize how much I love my baby.  Seeing her so sick, and not feeling like I can do much to fix her... that made me realize just how 'not in control' I am.

So many days I try to fit Shiloh into my schedule.  But this weekend, I was reminded that as a mom, I don't want to live that way.  Shiloh's needs come first.  Its my passion to fit my schedule into hers.

{I am happy to report that last night Shiloh did not wake up once... she still is a little wheezy and coughing some... but its seems that the worst has passed!  Praise the Lord!}

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Blogger Hannah said...

:( poor baby. Savannah had croup when she was about Shilohs age and it was so yucky! . Glad she's feeling better. What a little beauty!

November 21, 2011 at 1:57 PM  

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