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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Advent {Days 21-25}

{Day 21}  Buy and donate a new toy to a child in need.

Shiloh got to pick out a toy.
She chose the fairy doll, Tinkerbell.
I was worried that when it came time to drop the toy in the box, she'd freak out.
Not so.
She actually was really excited to toss it in.  :)
Thank you Jesus for that!
Tantrums in public are the worst.
There was only 1 other toy in the box.
I hope they just emptied it out, and more toys have been donated than just ours and that one.
Christmas can be a hard time of year for many people.
We know what it is like to struggle to buy gifts.
Its not much, but at least one little girl will enjoy having a new Tinkerbell fairy to play with.

{Day 22}  Neighbors gift exchange.

We went next door.
To have dinner and a gift exchange with the Dejongs.
They own the dairy.
Shiloh played the piano for us, & made a new best friend.
We ate soup and yummies and had coffee.
The gift exchange was fun, everything is fun when we get together with the Dejongs.

{Day 23}  Visit Great Grandma & Grandpa.

Brandon's grandparents live nearby.
We took Shiloh over to see her Great Grandparents, & so we could visit with them.
Shiloh cleaned.
Of course, right? 
It was so good to see them. 
Grandparents are amazing.

{Day 24} Gingerbread train & cookies for Santa.

The Gingerbread Train was a hit.
Shiloh put more candy inside the train than on it.
Baking cookies for Santa was also fun.
We used neon food coloring, so I think they look very 80's-esque.
Some angels were decapitated in the making of Santa's cookies.
It was a Merry Christmas Eve.

{Day 25}  Merry Christmas!!!

Matthew 1:23
Behold, the virgin shall become pregnant and give birth to a Son,
and they shall call His name Emmanuel--
which when translated, means,
God with us.
Merry Christmas from Brandon, Kirsten, & Shiloh!

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