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Monday, July 23, 2012

Looking back...

My 10 year high school reunion just took place... we didn't go, for various reasons, but just thinking about how its been TEN YEARS since I finish high school is crazy to me.  A lot has happened in 10 years!

I was 17 when I graduated high school, and now I am 27...

Graduated at 17.

Moved to Florida when I was 18.  (To attend Florida Atlantic University)

Moved back to Texas when I was 19.   (To transfer to University of Texas, but ended up going back to FAU)

Went on my first missions trip, let alone international trip, when I was 20.  (To Brasil)

Went to Brasil again on my own when I was 21.

Again, another Brasil adventure when I was 22.

Completed my Discipleship Training School with YWAM when I was 23.  (Traveled to Vietnam & Thailand, met Brandon)

Moved to California, got engaged and married when I was 24.

Had Shiloh when I was 25.

Took my baby around the world when I was 26.  (Mexico, Nicaragua, Israel, Turkey, Japan, China)

Now I am 27 (almost 28), and I am expecting my 2nd daughter.

A lot has happened... I can honestly say that I did a whole lot of growing up in the past 10 years.  When I graduated high school, I didn't know who Jesus was... didn't know what it meant to be a follower of Christ, but now I do.  I have solidified and made some of the best and deepest friendships of my life.  I have found my compliment (husband) in life.  I have experienced the pains that come with learning and growing up.   I have a beautiful daughter who I am humbled to be her mommy, and now another on the way.  I have had the opportunity to disciple many.  And have seen God do incredible things around the world.

Yes, this lady right here is thankful for the past 10 years.  And I am excited and hopeful for the next.

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