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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Conversations with a 2 year old...

Yes we now have full blown conversations with our little lady.  Its sometimes weird to think we are conversing with a 2 year old... she is wiser than she looks folks!

Here are some of my favorites:

Mommy:  "Whoa, someone went stinky poo poo."
Shiloh:  "Hehehe, stinky poo poo."
Mommy:  "Did you do that?"
Shiloh:  "I go stinky poo poo on the floor."
!!!  She hadn't, but where does she come up with that?

Shiloh:  "Hi Gran-pa!"
Grandpa:  "Hi Shiloh."
Shiloh:  "Um... puppy Charlie?"
Grandpa:  begins to say... "Yea, puppy Charlie..."
Shiloh interrupts:  "Puppy Charlie outside, he's a good boy."

Mommy:  "Guess what Shiloh?  Philip & Audrey are engaged!!!"
Shiloh:  "Oh yeaaaa,  okay they all done now."

Shiloh:  "Hi Roo Roo!  I luv you.  You have boo boo?  I play for you."
Which in Shiloh language means Roo Roo (Grandma) is sick and she will pray for her.

Daddy:  "You know Shiloh, you can wear panties now because you are a big girl."
Shiloh:  "No I wanna wear diaper."
Daddy:  "Don't you want to wear panties?  All big girls wear panties, and you are a big girl."
Shiloh:  "Liam and Eye-lie wear panties?"
Daddy:  "Um.... yea....kinda"
Mommy:  :/  Hahaha.
So now she brags how she wears panties and how her big boy friends do too.... great....

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