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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shiloh Covos...

Here is the latest roundup of covo-fun...

Shiloh:  "Morning Mommy!"  As she walks out of her room in the morning.
She sits in my lap.
Mommy:  "Good morning Shiloh.  Sleepies good?"
Shiloh:  Pointing to her open mouth... "Yucky beth."  aka, yucky breath.

Shiloh:  "Daddy ex-eeee-size."  (exercise)  "Go Daddy Go!"

Shiloh:  "Daddy!  Daddy!  Come on!  I have kee-wee?  Kee-wee so much."
(kee-wee = kiwi)

Mommy:  "Oh, did (Shiloh's friend), go stinky poo poo?"
Shiloh:  "Hehe, stinky poo poo."
Mommy:  "Yup, she needs a new diaper, she went stinky poo poo."
Shiloh:  "Stinky poo poo on the floor."
Seriously?  What is this girl's deal with pooing on the floor?

Mommy:  "Do you want to feel baby sissy kick?  She is kicking right now."
Shiloh:  "Nope."
Mommy:  "Okay."
Shiloh:  "Baby sissy sleeping, shhhhh."

And this video is from one morning when Shiloh was drawing airplanes and Paula (a friend of ours who skydives) jumping out of the airplane... but she retracts her artistic interpretation once I started videoing, of course.

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