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Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 Superlatives

We loved looking back at 2011 here, and figured we should do the same for twenty-twelve.

Biggest Lock-out:  When Shiloh locked herself IN her room... which prompted a mild panic attack on my part, and changing the door knobs on Brandon's part.

Best Dad:  When mommy was out of commission due to morning sickness, Brandon kept Shiloh entertained.

Favorite Shoe-Family Photo:  We used this to announce that we were expecting Baby #2.

Most Likely to Turn 2:  Shiloh's 2nd birthday party.

Most Expanding Waistline:  Yes, that'd be me... at only 7 months preggo.  My feet soon disappeared.

Most Airport Pick-Ups:  We picked up 9 students in 4 days for the start of our Fall DTS.

Most Excited About Baby Sister:  Shiloh was born to be a big sister!

Yellowest Clogs:  Yes, those are really Dutch clogs.  Yes, he really wears them... especially on our visit to the Danish village of Solvang where he 'kinda' fit in.

Biggest Boo Boo:  When I was backed into while in a parking lot.

Most Rockin' Tea Party:  As you can see, all the animals attended.

Best Princess Rapunzle:  She was in princess heaven!

Most Prepared:  We had our suitcase packed for delivery for an entire MONTH before Capri was actually born.  Prepared, sure.... but not for Capri to wait that long to join us!

Most Anticipated:  We had been waiting to meet this little face!  We were ecstatic to finally welcome her into our arms.  She was much anticipated.

Best Sisters:  These two.  No word.  {melt my heart}

Littlest Lady:  Capri was born weighing in at only 6 lbs 15 oz, making her our smallest baby.

Most Annoyed by the Camera:  Just look at that face!  She does not like me interrupting her coloring time.

Best Christmas Morning:  Snow + new baby + fun presents = our favorite Christmas-to-date.

Cutest DIY:  The kitchen that Brandon made for Shiloh.

Most Pumpkin-y:  Our day at the Avila Barn.

Biggest Upgrade:  When we moved out of this tiny apartment (our favorite place ever) to our new apartment which was over 3 times bigger.

Most Missed:  My sweet Dad who passed away 10 years ago (well now almost 11).

With 2012 being a year that we had our largest DTS ever, and grew our family by 1 sweet little girl, I am not sure we can top it... but here's to a great 2013!!!

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Blogger Kisha Jaggers said...

New Follower!! Found you through Caseys linkup! Love your blog.. and when you have time hop over to my blog kjaggers.com and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy New Year!!

January 12, 2013 at 9:48 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

I love that verse in Isaiah and your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! :-) Found you via Casey Wiegand!

January 15, 2013 at 9:30 AM  

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