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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some Creativity...

Well, we've been up to some creativity around our casa last year... we've just not shared any of it.  Remember this post from two years ago?  Well now you can see more of Brandon's handiwork.

Capri's crib.  Gosh, its so weird to think we didn't even have a real crib for Shiloh.  Its true.  She has a little mini pack and play that fit in our closet by our bedside.  She went from that tiny thing straight into a twin bed once we moved to our larger apartment.  Now we have so much room that a full sized crib AND her bed fit.  We scoured craigslist waiting for the right crib to show up, for the right price.  These older styled cribs are the kind I was hoping to find.  They have gone through so many recalls for their movable parts, so we dismantled all the pieces, replaced it with new, safe hardware, and ordered fixed-side kits that are used for carpenters who built custom cribs.  Now its safe, up to the latest crib standards, and yet it retains that vintage design I so love.  :)  We sanded it down and refinished it on our own.  Previously it was a natural wood color, but I wanted to paint it white so that it would work with Capri and then any future babies we are blessed with.

Indoor Wreaths.  They are for the girl's room.  I wanted something to hang on the girl's room door so that Shiloh could brag that it was her room... so before she is old enough to write signs like "Keep out.  No boys allowed.  Or no-parental zone."  I have hung a pretty little homemade wreath.  I bought some pretty yellow yarn and then used some scraps and other things I found lying around to decorate it.  Actually those flowers are from Brandon and my engagement party.  The other little green one is hung on their closet door.  I just used some scrap fuzzy yarn I had stashed away, and cut up some scrap felt pieces into little flowers.

Growth Ruler.  This is a pinterest inspired project.  I found it a long time ago on a blog, pinned it, and never did anything about it.  Until finally we were walking through Home Depot and I remembered the ruler project, so we came home that day with a 6x8.  Brandon helped me stain it, and I painted on the inch marks.  We have yet to hang it.  But soon soon!

Travel Signs.  Not sure what else to call these puppies.  But I saw a photo one day of a tall sign with all these places around the world and their corresponding distances... and had the inspiration to turn that idea into a piece of art for our wall.  We used scrap wood, and decided to pick places that God has sent us...  I love it.  I have a feeling it will make a great 'conversation piece'.  For now we have it leaning against our hallway wall, but we need to get it safely hung asap.

We have some more that still need photos taken, so check back later!

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