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Monday, July 11, 2011

A Raw Look At Women {inspired by the book, Nurturing the Nations}

***Disclaimer:  Some of the content is graphic.

I have been reading this book:

Nurturing the Nations:  Reclaiming the Dignity and Divine Role of Women in Building Healthy Cultures,  by Darrow L. Miller with Stan Guthrie.

Great book.  I am only half way into it.  Did I mention that its a great book?

Its a tough book.  Not tough as in "too many big words".  But tough as in "extremely honest and raw".

Here is a quote from the book,

"The female child is often unwanted before birth and aborted.  If she survives her mother's womb, she faces neglect and malnourishment.  Frequently denied an education and health care, she often becomes a child laborer.  She may be molested, raped, sold into prostitution, or married at an unconscionably young age.  Malnourishment is common, even while she is pregnant.  Overworked and under-appreciated, she may be beaten or humiliated by her husband or other men, even to the point of murder.  If not, she could be abandoned as a widow, forced to scratch out a living on the outskirts of society, with no family or social safety net to provide for her." (pg. 20)

And another,

"Rape is often used as a weapon of war, particularly in situations of ethnic cleansing.  Many of the wars in sub-Saharan Africa are marked by wanton rape of girls and young women.  This not only terrorizes the population into submission, but it is a means to ethnically "cleanse" a tribe by producing a generation of babies from the dominating group.  While rape as an act of war has happened throughout history, in recent years it has been documented in seven countries, not all of them African."  (pg. 22)


Its a great book.  I recommend it.  Twice over recommend it.

I teach on Ethics here, where I cover topics such as abortion, population control, and misogyny... so this book is full of insight and factual information regarding those topics.

These things happen.  Are happening.  I've seen some.  Friends I know have witnessed some.  I am not sure how I could even begin to be part of an answer.... but reading and learning is a good place for me to start.

"So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him;  male and female He created them."  ~Genesis 1:27

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