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Friday, June 14, 2013

First Month.

We've been living in our new home for a month.  We are doing great, adjusting accordingly, and embracing this new season in our lives.  Here is a roundup of our first month... pictures do speak louder than my words.

 Brandon working alongside his dad.

Shiloh completing her chores.

Our amazing heater/wood stove.

 Sister reading to sister.

 The dandelions keep us entertained.

 Oh, and Capri does too.

Shiloh's potty chart.  We are hoping potty-training-round-6 is the final round.

Can one ever have too many chalkboards?

 Shiloh is my little bug-hunter.

 Cleaning up after the girls is endless.

 Its hard to decide where to hang things.

 Big chevron planter & little get brought inside on freezing nights.

Dirty work boots have replaced the usual flip-flops.

Shiloh painting.

 Her masterpieces.

 Our second front door is my favorite.

 Napping on Mommy & Daddy's floor.

 Ah, the clean laundry that stares at me until I fold & put it all away.

 Working on hanging & framing... I can't wait to have decorated walls.

 I love my ceramic urchin.

 I don't love my ever diminishing stock of my favorite Trader Joe's items.

And Capri LOVES her some sweet potatoes and beets.  Seriously, its her favorite.

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