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Thursday, June 27, 2013


This past week has been a difficult one.  Capri came down with a virus that gave her a fever then a rash.  She was extra snuggly, which is great for my mommy-heart, but not great for washing dishes.  But the hardest is that Shiloh has begun to test her boundaries a little bit more than before.  New testing=new discipline=new parenting.

I have been praying a lot this past week about it all.  How to continue to discipline her.  How to grow in my parenting.  What kind of behavior do I want to see in Shiloh?  What kind do I not want to see?  Talking with Brandon about it all so that we are on the same page.  {Children have this way of 'divide & conquer'... we are on to you, we know your tricks!}

But one thing I have noticed also this week is just how much Capri watches her older sister.  I mean, she literally will watch her every move.

She will observe the things that we don't see Shiloh do, and she may imitate it.  Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.  This won't always be true.  But as of this past week, if Shiloh goes into one room, Capri follows.  If Shiloh gets hyper, Capri gets hyper.  I realized that in these tough and difficult times of learning how to discipline and teach Shiloh, I am perhaps going to reap the benefits with Capri too.

Its hard work to discipline our girls.  Sometimes it feels like I am chasing my tail.  But it pays off... or at least that is what we tell ourselves.  Shiloh is learning what we expect of her behavior-wise, and we are learning what works and doesn't work to teach her those things.

And we are praying that Capri begins to learn too... because frankly, that little girl is as curious as a cat... and I don't like cats.  :)  And telling her 'no' 20 times a day when she tries to eat our shoes is getting old.  It'll pay off... I am just hoping that is sooner rather than later.



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