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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Okay...we can start blogging again!

Hey everyone, sorry it has been a while since we last wrote a blog. We have been so busy getting married and honeymooning and stuff, the usual. So anyway, first things first...

We finished our Discipleship Training School in June and had 6 of our students graduate. It was a fun graduation that included presentations, speeches, and of course, the certificates. It was sad to see all of our students leave to go home. When you live in community, hang out, minister, pray, and basically just live with a handful of students for months, you end up fast becoming friends. Andrew, Philip, Lisa, Eric, Alex, Logan, Brian, and Justin - we miss you guys! We hope and pray you guys are doing well!

A week after the graduation was our wedding! That kept us so busy having so many things at once, but the wedding turned out so beautifully. Kirsten will post a blog about that with pictures later...

Our honeymoon was beautiful as well, our parents blessed us with a beautiful hotel in San Jose Del Cabo in Mexico. We were down there for ten days soaking up the dry sun...I think Kirsten will write about that later, too.

Well, now we are back home with YWAM getting started for the next season. Planning, planning, and more planning! I just recently became the assistant Base Representative, which basically means I represent the base as a whole whenever needed. At YWAM Pismo we have a flat line leadership (kinda like the knights at the round table), but when we need a leader to represent the whole group, we have two Base Representatives to fill the role of leadership.

Also, Kirsten has just become the facilitator of our Fundraising/Advertising department, as well as our Hospitality department. So she is keeping busy with those things, but she is such a natural with both so I am sure it will be a breeze with her.

Kirsten and I have both just started a new ministry for Pismo Beach. It is called Surfers For Missions International (SFMI) and I will talk about that later in another blog, since that will probably take up too much space... :) Just look for it in a few weeks, I'll write about it later.

Plus, we have our next DTS (Discipleship Training School) to think about. We have a lot of planning ahead of us for the DTS. We are so excited to be leading that side by side with each other! We are so blessed to be able to work together.

So we've got quite a bit on our plates for the next few months. We are very excited for the challenges that lie ahead, all for the glory of God! Thank you everyone for your prayers and support, we love you all! We will write more soon...

Brandon (and Kirsten)

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