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Friday, September 16, 2011

Where am I?

I know our blog is titled "Here am I."  So its kind of funny to name this post "Where am I?".  Ha.  But I'm not lost.  Neither is Brandon.  We are still here in California (yes, back after a fun and lengthy trip to Texas, Florida, & Nicaragua).

I was on Shutterfly the other day... making a fun photo project to hang on our wall... and I realized, I hardly have any photos WITH Shiloh... not good!  Hence, the 'where am I' title.  Seriously!  Where am I!?  Always BEHIND the camera... thats where!  I need more photos with muh baby.  One day I'll be thankful to have them.  One day Shiloh will be thankful.  Most days I honestly don't want a photo of myself though, guess I need to get over that.  Mascara or not, I should get on the other side of the lens.

I thought I'd compile the photos I do have of us, just the two of us:

Besides a few others from the 2 months we lived in Nicaragua with the DTS on outreach, and 1 photo during Christmas in Oregon (those didn't make this post because they are lost somewhere on the hub's laptop)... this is all I have.  Sad right!

I gotta resolve this.

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