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Monday, March 8, 2010

Virginia DTS Debrief...

The Virginia DTS that Kirsten and I were privileged to lead has now come to a close. I flew to Virginia on the 16th of February to coordinate and lead the last week of the school as well as pick up all the students from the airport. It was great to see all of the students again fresh from Angola, Africa and to hear all of their stories.
During the week we focused on getting the students ready for the transition from their DTS experience back to life at home. It is such a vital week for the students, as it is a challenge to go from such an intense discipleship environment and then back home while trying to maintain the lifestyle learned on DTS. We talked about how to serve the church, dealing with unforgiveness, dealing with expectations, and how the students can continue on in missions / ministry after DTS as well as other topics.
One of the highlights of the week was being able to baptize one of the students, Riaan, in the freezing James River. We had to do the baptism in the James river after we were turned down by two churches to use their baptism waters (apparently you need a degree to baptize). But, it turned out to be a very good and cold experience, and it was certainly an honor to baptize an amazing friend and student.
After the debrief section of the week was over, we finished with the graduation of the DTS. I took the DTS students and DTS staff aside for about an hour to talk with them on a personal level. I had been praying for them throughout the week to "commission" them out with what I felt God was saying for their lives. It ended really well and was a great time. After that, we headed to the Olive Garden to celebrate the graduation.
It really was a great week and it was such a blessing to be a part of the school. As always, it was so great to see the amazing changes that occurred in the student's lives throughout the school. Kirsten and I are so honored to be able to disciple young men and women within YWAM. One thing that I've really been able to take back to our base in Pismo Beach is my excitement for DTS. I cannot wait for the next school, to lead as best as I can, prepare as best as I can, and give my all for the next school. I can't wait!

- Brandon