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Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Summer Travels

So if you're wondering where we were in August.... since we didn't post a single entry for the month... its because we were not in the same place for more than a week.  Given how long we've been a part of YWAM Pismo Beach, we knew how important it was to visit with the people who generously and faithfully give to us.  So we took a road trip.  (Yes, we're crazy like that.)

Shiloh is a great traveler... as long as we're well stocked with her favorite yummies.

Leaving at midnight, we drove straight down the 101, and then over into Arizona.  Where we met up with a lovely friend, Riana.  We grabbed a hearty lunch with her, while catching up.  Then it was off to El Paso, or at least we were suppose to make it that far.  However, at 8pm, and still in New Mexico, Shiloh informed us that she HAD ENOUGH!  So we found a local, and charming AAA approved motel.  It was actually really nice.  Too bad we were just crashing for the night.  The next day we made it into Texas, where we got to stay with one of my oldest friends, Amanda.  Catching up with friends, family, and even this awesome lady.... was great, but what was even greater, was the fact that another one of my best and oldest friends, Kim was getting MARRIED!  She had a tender and really fun wedding where we all put on our dancing shoes (even Brandon), and danced the night away... well, again, until Shiloh HAD ENOUGH.

Isn't she a beautiful bride?!  Lucky Scott!

Shiloh experienced her first nap without being in her crib, or peapod.  How does she end up so twisted and positioned like that?  What if we all did that in our sleep?  Ha!

After that, we hit the road again, and drove through Louisiana (staying at a sketchy motel with crawly things in the bed... ick!), and then finally rode into my old stomping grounds in Boca Raton, Florida.  I was estatic to be back in the sunshine state.  If any of you know me really well, there is nothing like my passion for warm beaches and warm blue waters.  We stayed in 3 different houses in 1 week... thank you, husband, for being so popular!  (Seriously?  He didn't even live in Florida and he was so popular with some of the guys there!)  It was awesome.  We were received with warm hospitality.

Each day I was able to connect with someone lovely from my life there.... catch up... it was food for my soul.  My friends there got to meet Shiloh, which was really good for my heart.  She got to have a couple play dates with some of my friends who have little ones of their own now. (Sarah who has 2 sweet girls, is a photographer, check out her work here.)

Smack in the middle of our time in Florida, we headed off to Nicaragua for a week long surf/missions trip there.  Remember those guys I mentioned who Brandon was so popular with... well 4 of them are really REALLY good surfers, and they accompanied us down to the Popoyo area of Nicaragua to work on a community building project, share Jesus with local, and yes, of course, catch some awesome waves.   We were joined by one of the other YWAM Pismo staff, Paula, who kept up the energetic 18yr. olds better than we did, she is amazing.

Here's a photo of part of the building project we got to work on.
We got to be a part of 5 people getting baptized.

Nica waves.... watch out.

It was really nice to be back in Nicaragua.  We had the privilege of staying in the same house that we did during our last surf DTS.  It made Brandon and I miss all of the folks from that school.  We also got to visit with Priscilla and her children... here's a photo of them when we were there with the DTS a year ago.

And this was from our visit this past August.

She was even more crazy about Jesus than when we met her.  Her house had truly become a home... and she was happily working a good job.  Her kids were doing great, going to school, and it was a blessing to see them.  Look at how much they've grown!

Brandon and I both have August birthdays, so we celebrated them while in Nicaragua.  Mine cumulated with a bat sighting inside the house.  Brandon got to spend his birthday on a boat, surfing and fishing.  I'd say Brandon won.

Brandon's birthday.... all day on a boat.  They surfed, caught a ton of fish, and were exhausted.  Haha.

So yes, from Arizona, to Texas, to Florida, to Nicaragua, back to Florida, then back to Texas, and home... August was a busy month.  But it oh boy was it fabulous!  If you were one of the people we got to see, were blessed by, or maybe stayed with... WE LOVE YOU!  WE THANK YOU!

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Friday, October 21, 2011


Okay, let's be real.  Well, you don't have to be, but I'm going to.  Sometimes because Brandon and I are in YWAM, we get labeled.  We get labeled as 'put together'.  Like we have it all figured out.  Maybe people actually have told us that they assume we are, or maybe they've alluded to it... or maybe its just been a feeling that we perceive.  I'm here to break the news to ya... we're not.

Nope, not at all.

If you come to our home randomly... its bound to be messy.  We aren't messy people, but when you live in a 250sq.ft. space, even the most OCD person will appear messy.  There are goldfish crumbs tucked away in hidden places.  Blame it on the baby.  I have a bad habit of not putting away our clothes... they might get folded one day, and then maybe a week or two later I'll get around to putting them in their drawers or hung in the closet.  Brandon's socks end up everywhere.... literally... EVERYWHERE.

We have insecurities.  Tons of them.

We teach and disciple others to be like Christ, but sometimes being Christ-like is hard for us.

We have been known to cry on many occasions because we can't afford the things we see others affording.  YWAM is not glamorous.  Its humbling.  Counting pennies is humbling.  Trusting can be humbling.  Yes we do get to travel to other places around the world... but only because other people have given financially in order for us to go.  And trust me, we don't travel to 5-star resorts.... no air-conditioning, local food, public transportation, hostels, and... oh... don't even think about flushing your toilet paper.  We sacrifice a lot.  But we receive a huge blessing through living this way:  our finances never feel like they belong to us, we steward what we are given, and we trust that God will continue to provide through others.... its actually a beautiful thing.

We fight.  C'mon, we're married.  Some great lessons have come from the times we've fought... learning to love, learning to forgive, learning to choose one another.

We've made bad choices....  and had to reap the consequences of those choices.  But I'd like to think we're getting wiser... hopefully  :)

We are new parents.  You can tell because when Shiloh tests a new limit, sometimes I will have a blank expression on my face... which is me realizing, "I have no idea what to do.".  We have made many mistakes (sorry Shiloh).  I wonder how many children it will take until we get this whole 'parent' thing down?

Those are real statements.  YWAM doesn't make us different.  Truthfully, if you are a believer, then you are in full-time missions... in your family, in your school, in your community... we are all.  I'm no different than you.

{If you're wondering where this is all coming from, our Leadership Team here in YWAM is reading "The Emotionally Healthy Church".  If you want to be convicted... its the book for you!  :)  Its been a wonderful tool as God has been speaking to be about being open, honest, and vulnerable.}

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