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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy days :)

The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does. ~Psalm 145:13b

We are smack in the middle of crazy days... those kind of never-ceasing-craziness days that you actually LOVE because you feel so energized by God, and there is never a dull moment. At least, I love it, and I know Brandon thrives on days like that.

We've been getting everything taken care of here at our home base. Wrapping up little loose ends, and departmental work. Also we've almost finished setting up the 2010 Surf DTS, well, in the sense that we've gotten the "planning" side out of the way. You can even check out the website for our base.... www.ywampismobeach.org We've begun to change all the surf info... and over the next week or so, it should be completed. (Thank you Will!!!)

Our days this week have just been a hodge-podge of praying for our transition to the Richmond base... the DTS there, and making sure we've got our ducks in a row. Even today we've pretty much cleaned out the whole car, detailed the inside of it... let me tell you, whew! It was diiiirty! And we are just going through our garage and apartment, clearing out, cleaning out, and throwing out.....so that when we are gone, we are leaving things in order. Next step: packing! Yea! If there is one thing about our lives.... its that just when we've unpacked and begun to settle in, God gets our suitcases back out and here we go again!

We have already seen the enemy trying to bring us down.... just small things that are coming up, so please keep these things in your prayers...

1. I've managed to lose my cell phone (small deal, but when its gone, you realize how much you need it!)

2. Also, keep our families in your prayers, we are having some issues there.

3. And then for finances, we just lost some support, and we need to see God provide in the other direction...haha... we are trusting him for at least $300 more a month.

4. Lastly, we are driving my good ol' car all the way across the nation... so PRAY SHE MAKES IT!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, Hello friends of ours (who read our blog)!! We have an exciting and very cool announcement for you!!! Brandon and I will be going to YWAM Richmond in Virginia to lead a DTS for their base for 5 months. (No we are not leaving staff with YWAM Pismo... just going to lead this school and then come back here).

Last week, the base director from YWAM Richmond, Chris, called our base with a huge request: His DTS leader for the upcoming school had to return home to Korea due to a family medical problem, leaving the school without a leader... would our base help?

He had been on his knees before God on what to do, cancel the school, lead it himself, or find another leader? God told him to wait, and promised He would provide. That is when a friend of YWAM Pismo (and DTS speaker), Daniel Susenbach, ran across Chris, and after hearing the need for a leader, Daniel recommended our base as having run very good, quality DTS's.

With humility and many nerves, Brandon & I contacted Chris over at Richmond, and we prayed together about filling the need. In the end, we felt willing, and our base is fully behind us going, and the Richmond base has been asking God to bring a young, American leader... so, WE ARE GOING! As a couple we prayed and really felt God's hand guiding us to go, and that we could really serve their base by helping fill this position. Our only hesitation was how young we are... but then, they've been praying for a young leader, so I guess we fit that description! As newlyweds, we are looking forward to the natural bonding and closeness that leading a school results in... and their base is excited to support our new marriage. Also both Brandon and I have family in that area.

The school runs from September 21 through the new year and ends February 26. We'll be packing up at the end of this month (whew, so soon!) and traveling to their base in order to spend several weeks acclimating to the area, the base, their staff, and to have the time to do some school prep work. What an exciting opportunity!!! We absolutely love DTS, and it has been Brandon's passion to disciple as many people as God brings him, so we are joyed to be given this chance to run a school at another base.

As far as we know, there are currently 15 students, and 3 other staff.... and apparently 2 of the staff are Brazilians!!! Yay! The Richmond base will be very different than ours, and we hope to glean wisdom and experience while we are there, and then bring it back to Pismo. We don't have official details to share about the outreach phase... or if we'll even be going on outreach... but we'll know soon enough. Richmond allows a long Thanksgiving holiday, as well as a break for Christmas in between the lecture phase and the outreach phase in which the students can go home, and Brandon and I can go visit family.

We are just super thrilled to lead this DTS!!! It means a lot of change, and hard work, but we love both, and have a fire for trusting God with new and different things!!!

Please pray for us.... we have about 3 weeks to finish up some necessary work here in Pismo. Also we are in need of increasing our monthly support by $300. Then just be praying for our travel arrangements there, God's wisdom, and the such.

Check out our fun lil' video... the joys of having a mac.

As always... we love having a way for people to read what is going on in our lives... so keep checking back with us as we post more! (hopefully I can get some wedding photos up soon)

Kirsten (and Brandon)

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