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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time for a post...

Over 2 months!  Whoa.  Can you tell when life got hectic/morning sickness consumed our family?  I promise, the Ekstroms are still here, still chugging away with YWAM and life in Pismo.

Our newest addition has been making this mommy VERY sick.  So Brandon has had his workload doubled (dare... tripled?) these past 2 months as he's been helping me out with work, Shiloh, and taking care of me on the worst days.  Thankful for great husbands!

The current DTS is on outreach in Asia.  Its quiet around here.  We've been just maintaining the base so that the rest can reach the unreached over there.  We have heard some amazing reports so far.   We said goodbye to one of our closest friends on staff as she returned back to her hometown.  And then we welcomed a new staff member from N.C.

Shiloh turned TWO!  Whoa, when did this happened?!  She's such a little lady now.  She has the sweetest vocabulary, usually thanking us for every little thing.  She has been helping out a lot around the house, learning to clean her room, and helping mommy wipe clean messes (or rather everything 3 feet from the ground).  She is excited for "her baby" and enjoys hugging and kissing mommy's belly.  Melts our hearts!

And yes, Shiloh is blurry in real life.  I bet most kids are :)

Brandon and I are in the process of planning for the Fall DTS, and have been busy reviewing applications.  You can pray that God would be sending students our way... we are excited to see who He has chosen for this school.

Welp, thats a brief roundup... I said brief right?

Please pray for all our students and staff over in Asia!

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