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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pampered Toes

"The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him"
~Psalm 37:23

Sweet Shiloh took her first steps yesterday.  I screamed for joy, scaring her in the process.  She hasn't repeated the steps yet.

Its interesting that we been trying for several weeks now to coax her, help her, even trick her into walking, or at least taking a few steps on her own.  But none of our efforts worked.  Last night, however, she was in the middle of playing a game of catch and throw with me, and she decided (on her own) to take a few steps.  I think its safe to say that this little lady is going to be pretty independent.  ;)

So today I thought I'd give those tiny feet some pampering.  You know, cause every woman deserves some TLC on her Piggies.  And they've been working hard, taking 3 steps!

Yes, I painted her toes... it was difficult.  She was wiggly.  I did not stay inside the lines.  She was wiggly.  I huffed and puffed.  She was wiggly.  But they are pink.  And it made me smile.  This is what she was doing while I painted them:

Watching Backyardigans.  The Dolphin Race episode.  She looks enamored, right?  Nope, her feet were a-wigglin'.

Soon she will be using those feet a lot, so at least they look goooood!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pastoral Visit

Israel to Asia.

As a part of this year's Discipleship Training School, Brandon and I are to go on a "Pastoral Visit".  Each school that we run here, we send someone about mid-way through the outreach.  We call that a "Pastoral Visit".  Brandon did one 2 years ago, on the 2009 Surf DTS; he spent 2 weeks in Nicaragua.

This year, we were asked to go, (our dear school leader is unable to do the visit... she's expecting a little girl in May!!).  The DTS has 2 outreach teams.  One is going to Israel (& then onto Ethiopia), and the other is going to Asia.  So we'll be first flying to Israel, and then go onto Asia.  We will be leaving May 5th (spend about 10 days in each location), and then return home May 24th.

During the visits, Brandon and I will be joining in with the teams in their ministries.  We are looking forward to serving alongside the students in the midst of their outreaches.  Also, we'll be taking the time to sit down with each student, and process things with them.  Then we'll do the same with the outreach leaders.  In past DTSes, the pastoral visit sometimes is a pivotal time in the outreach.  It refreshes not only the students, but the leaders also.  It also has helped encourage students, uplift their outlook, resolve any interpersonal conflicts, and just overall bless them.  Brandon and I are very excited to bring them home-baked cookies, mail from home, and since all the students adore Shiloh, she'll be bringing a smile to their faces also.

We need your help!  Will you please pray about helping us get to Israel and Asia?  Here are our needs:

  • Prayer for safety, for comfortable travel with Shiloh, and for the time with the 2 teams to be effective and meet whatever needs there might be.
  • For a travel stroller- about $15-$20... its called an umbrella stroller.  Its what the airlines allow, and will be the best way for us to travel with Shiloh, who... *smile*... may be walking by the time we go!
  • Then for financial provision.  The breakdown of the cost for the 3 of us to go is:
air travel to Tel Aviv:  $1824
air travel to Asia:  $2720
in country costs:  $1000
visas:  $420
TOTAL:  $5964

(Geez.  Amounts like that still take the breath out of me.  But Brandon and I realize that if God has called us here, and He has called this visit to happen, and we are to be the ones to go, then He will also not fail in providing for us.)

We are hopeful that some of you might feel led to give to this Pastoral Visit.  Or others might feel led to pray for us.  In whatever way you decide, we are grateful for!  

If you decide to give a donation for the trip, you can mail a check made out to YWAM Pismo Beach to:

YWAM Pismo Beach
791 Price St. #119
Pismo Beach, CA 93449

{Please attach a note in the envelope saying that it is for Brandon and Kirsten's Pastoral Visit}


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